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 Gong Linna's discography

Ye Xue - Night Snows
kuku-101, 2010

Gong Linna
Wang Hua
Xiong Junjie
Nie Yunlei
Olga Lakkoni
Petra Wolff
Nancy Sullivan
Mathis Mayr
Robert Zollitsch
– vocals
– dizi, xiao
– yangqin
– sheng
– violin
– violin
– viola
– cello
– zither
All compositions by
Lao Luo (*1966)

夜雪 – Ye Xue – Night Snows
A suite of four poems by BAI Juyi (*772 / †846)
1   草 – Cao – Grasses
2  白云泉 – Bai Yun Quan – Spring of White Clouds
3  夜雪 – Ye Xue – Night Snows
4  花非花 – Hua Fei Hua – Flowers yet not Flowers

5   一钵沙蒿 – Yi Bo Shahao – A Pot of Wormwood
Words by GONG Linna (*1975)

6  忐忑 – Tan Te – Perturbed
Words: vocal colors

7   庭院深深 – Ting Yuan Shen Shen – In the Depths of the Palace
Words by OUYANG Xiu (*1007/ †1072

Two songs with words by GONG Linna (*1975)
8   悲情欲望 – Bei Qing Yuwang – Grief-stricken Desires
9  阳光少女 – Yangguang Xiaonü – A Young Girl in Sunlight

Two songs with words by LI Bai (*701 / †762)
10   静夜思 – Jing Ye Si – Thoughts on a Still Night
11  将近酒 – Qiang Jin Jiu – Come, Let’s Drink

12  希望 – Xiwang – Hope
Words by GONG Linna (*1975)

13  琉璃光 – Liuli Guang – Gleaming Bright
Words by HONG Mizhen (*1965)

total playing time: 55:13

Xian'ge Qing Yun - Classical Qin-songs
kuku-91, 2009

This album is a milestone in the presentation and recording of Chinese classical music!

1)   渔歌调  Yu Ge Diao • Fisherman
Words: LIU Cong Yuan (Song Dynasty), Music: Ming Dynasty (published 1609)
2)   湘江怨  Xiang Jiang Yue • Lament by the river Xiang
Words & Music: Qing Dynasty
3)   黄莺吟  Huang Ying Yin • Melody of the Golden Oriole
Words & Music: Song Dynasty
4)   阳关三叠  Yang Guan San Die  •  Parting for Yangguan
Music & Words: Song Dynasy
5)   凤凰台上忆吹箫  Feng Huang Tai Shang Yi Chui Xiao • Memories on the Phönixterrace
Words: LI Qing Zhao (Song Dynasty), Music: Qing Dynasty
6)   龙的眼  Long de Yan • Dragon Eye
Music: Robert ZOLLITSCH   Words: GONG Linna & Shi Jing
7)   花鼓  Hua Gu • Flower Drum
Words & Music: Qing Dynasie (Published early 19. Century)
8)   梨云春思  Li Yun Chun Si • Thoughts amid Clouds of Pear Blossom
Words: various, Music: Ming Dynasty (published 1664)
9)   古怨  Gu Yuan • Lament from Ancient Times
Words & Music: JIANG Kui (1155 – 1221)
10) 醉翁吟  Zui weng Yin • Song of the Drunkard
Words & Music: Ming-Dynasie (published 1590)
11) 秋风辞  Qiu Feng Ci • Autumn Breezes
Words: LI Bai (Tang Dynasty), Music: published 1930
12) 古琴吟  Gu Qin Yin  •  Guqin
Words & Music: Qing Dynasty (published 1864)
13)    平沙落雁  Ping Sha Luo Yan • Wild Geese Landing on Flat Sands
Words & Music: Ming Dynasty

Chinese Folk Songs
ARC Music EUCD 2129

Gong Linna currently is the only Chinese singer being able to present Chinese Folk music in such technical perfection and vocal variety, yet with clear affection and relation to the place of origin of these songs. Linna even captured the different dialects in such convincing manner, that she is accepted as one of them by folk singers of rarely different regions, often far from Linna's home.

Never have folk-songs from and in China been presented on CD in such authentic yet highly professional performance. The arrangements of the songs, all written by Lao Luo, are not traditional; yet they reflect on the songs, their origin and the particular circumstances, and enhance their potential. The use of a European string-quartet in a major part of the album gives the whole product a highly exclusive and classical touch.

You can order the CD directly from ARC-music at www.arcmusic.co.uk


Jing Ye Si
kuku-61, 2006

In October Linna's new chamber music ensemble has been to the studio. The result is an album of classical elegance.

The title song "Jing Ye Si" uses one of the most famous poems by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai. The poem in four very simple lines is a wonderful and deep expression of longing. On the album several classical poems contrast with new lyrics by Gong Linna, Xu Jie and Hong Mijen, all put into his special sound and sophisticated arrangements by Robert Zollitsch. A highlight of the album is the composition “Beijing Yuwang” (lyrics by singer Gong Linna) with a dramatic raising melody and stunning harmonical changes.

 The album can be ordered through KUKU-Music (www.kukumusic.com)


Zou Shengming de Lu
Walking the path of life
kuku-51, 2005

1) Zou Shengming de Lu (1)
2) Ting Yuan Sheng Shen
3) Ni Zai Nali?
4) Guxiang de Nainai
5) Long de Yan
6) Yangguang Xiaonü
7) Shan Zhong Wen Da
8) Zai Senlin Li
9) Wo de Shilian
10) Fang Yang 33
11) Xi Wang
12) Zou Shengming de Lu (2)
13) Dong qu Chun lai
14) Dan Sheng

Recorded July 2004 in Berijing by Li Wei
Mixed September 2004 in Munich by Michael Heilrath

Huang Mei guqin, Du Cong xiao & dizi, Nie Yunlei sheng, Xiong Junjie yangqin, Qiu Ji guzheng, Ge Yong pipa, Wang Jia ruan, Yang Shengwen lusheng, Li Baoling guanzi, Wang Fei percussion, Zheng Wei percussion, Jiang Kemei zhonghu, Ling Fuguo suona, Mathis Mayr cello, Martin Kälberer rhodes, Robert Zollitsch zither, vocals, guzheng, percussion, programming

All compositions by Robert Zollitsch, except 8: Gong Linna/arr. Robert Zollitsch
Lyrics: 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 by Gong Linna, 2 by Ouyang Xiu (Song Dynasty), 3 by Robert Zollitsch, 5 Shijing/arr. Gong Linna, 7 by Xu Jie, 9 by Lu Xun

The album can be ordered through KUKU-Music (www.kukumusic.com)